ARC Filtration System Ltd

The personal care or toiletries industry manufacture consumer products used for beautification and personal hygiene. Personal care includes products as diverse as colognes, deodorant, eye liner, facial tissue, lipstick, lotion, makeup, mouthwash, perfumes, personal lubricant, shampoo, shaving cream, skin cream, lip gloss, and toothpaste, to give a few examples. Filtration of toiletry and cosmetic ingredients is a readily understood process ranging from clarification of creams and ointments to sterile filtration of water used for product preparation.
manufactured from non-toxic materials
non-fibre releasing media
integrity testable by end-user
traceable identification number
manufactured in a clean room environment with a recognised quality system
In addition, our membrane filters have been validated using an independent testing laboratory, covering the following critical tests:
bacterial challenge tests
materials of construction (FDA CFR numbers)
USP toxicity tests
physicochemical tests
sterilisation by in-line steam
sterilisation by hot water
Applications in the production of cosmetics and intermediates.
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