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Chemical filters are commonly used in aquaria applications, and for good reasons.  This is a good way to keep the water very pure and crystal clear.  Chemical filters are not used in all applications, as most are with biological and mechanical filters.

As with the other types of filters, the choices of devices in chemical filters are many.  The proper choice here is key, and can directly affect the short, and long term health of the specimens.  Consult with an expert, or read up on what system is appropriate for your aquarium.

There are different methods to "chemically" treat the water.   Some of these ways include: ion exchange, adsorption, chemical bonding, molecular destruction, and filtration.  There are many different media that you can use in the chemical filter, and in different applications.  Some of these chemicals include:  carbon, zeolite, peat moss, calcium hydroxide, poly adsorption pads, other chemically treated media, there are also many other additives, and vitamins to aid in supplementing the efficacy of the chemical filtration, etc, cartridge filter is  convenient  physical filtration,easy to operation andno more substance be add to prevent the solution pollution.

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