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SW Filters


Features and Benefits

Designed for a variety of prefiltration applications such as reverse osmosis, chemicals filtration,etc; available in a variety of lengths and micron ratings. Filter diameter is 2.5"and 4.5" fits existing housings and replace most brands.

•Available in polypropylene, cotton and glass fiber for broad chemical compatibility and to meet a wide variety of applications

•Micron ratings from 1-150 microns meet required cleanliness levels

•Large void volume design for low-cost, reliable filtration performance with high contaminant holding capacity

•Single-strand, continuous winding process offers consistent quality, high particulate retention and reduced bypass for
clearer results and long life

•The low pressure and high pollutant carrying capacity can effectively adsorbthesuspended solidsinthe liquid and small particles, etc.

•Individually wrapped for storage convenience and security


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