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Hydraulics Filter


A clean oil filter presents your second barrier of protection for your expensive equipment. A wide variety of filter materials range from simple paper to highly engineered synthetic types, and can be surface loading or depth loading. (contaminants enter the filter media and are trapped within the depth of the media, rather than only at the surface. Replaceable elements for International brands Disposable and Cleanable type Wrapped and Pleated Type.Threads BSP, NPT, BSW, UNF or Special Threads on demands,filter Media include Inorganic, metal fibre and mesh, micro glass, glass fibre, chrome nickel fibre, Nylon Complete filter Simplex, Duplec, Portable Filtration System, Spin on conisters, Nominal and AbsoluteType Low and High PressureWorking Pressure (low and hgih pressure) upto 6000 PSI Fluid Petroleum based Oils, Non-flammable fluids.


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