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MF Membrane Filter


•PTFE membrane can work under high temperature conditions
Suitable for removing the bacterial in gas and air.

•Absolute Rating
Imported high quality membrane,filtration effetive is ≥99.99%
Minimum pore size is 0.1um, suitable for critical gas filtration.

•Mechanical strength
Inner core and bottom adapter are reinforced by SUS304

•Excellent gas flow performance
Exceptional gas flow rates at low pressure differentials.

Filter Media:PTFE Membrane
Support Layers:Polypropylene
Inner core:SUS304
Outer Support:Glass Fiber reinforced cage
Adapter:Polypropylene with encaptulated
    SUS304 reinforcing ring

•Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)
Outer Diameter: 69mm (2.75")
Inner Diameter: 33mm (1.30")
Length: 10"- 254mm
               20"- 508mm
               30"-762 mm
               40"- 1016mm


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