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MS Membrane Filter


Natural Hydrophilic

•Absolute Rating
Imported high quality membrane,filtration effetive is ≥99.99%
Minimum pore size is 0.04um, suitable for critical filtration.

•Excellent Resistant to Hydrolysis
Cartridges are ideal for hot deionised water application

Filter Media:Polyethersulphone Membrane
Support Layers:Polypropylene
Inner core:Polypropylene
Outer Support:Polypropylene Cage

•Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)
Outer Diameter: 69mm (2.75")
Inner Diameter: 33mm (1.30")
Length: 10"- 254mm
               20"- 508mm
               30"-762 mm
               40"- 1016mm

•Operating Conditions
Normal Operating Temperature: Up to 55℃ (140°F)
Max.Operating Temperature.: 85℃ (185°F)at△P≤1.0 bar (14psi)
Max. Differential Pressure:
Normal Flow direction 4.2 bar (60 psi) at 25℃ (77°F);
Reverse flow direction 2.1 bar (30psi) at 25℃ (77°F).
PH Value compatibility: 2-13


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