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MNY Membrane Filter


•Natural Hydrophilic
Natural hydrophilic Nylon 66 membrane,
requires no prewetting before integrity test.
Nylon66 is stronger than Nylon6
Nylon66 can bear higher temperature than Nylon6

•Absolute Rating
Filtration effetive is ≥99.99%
Suitable for critical filtration.

Filter Media:Nylon 66 Membrane
Support Layers:Polypropylene
Inner core:Polypropylene
Outer Support:Polypropylene Cage

•Cartridge Dimensions (Nominal)
Outer Diameter: 69mm (2.75")
Inner Diameter: 33mm (1.30")
Length: 10"- 254mm 20"- 508mm 30"-762 mm
    40"- 1016mm

•Operating Conditions
Normal Operating Temperature: Up to 60℃ (140°F)
Max.Operating Temperature.: 85℃ (185°F)at△P≤1.0 bar (14psi)
Max. Differential Pressure:
Normal Flow direction 4.2 bar (60 psi) at 25℃ (77°F);
Reverse flow direction 2.1 bar (30psi) at 25℃ (77°F).
PH Value compatibility: 6-13



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