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High Flow Filter Cartridge


This kind of cartridges combine the performance advantages of cartridge filters with the ease use of bag 
filter systems.      
Contaminant applications 
● High mechnical strength 
● Easily retrofit into exsiting size 1 and size 2 bag housings.  
● The inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures the unwanted particles are trapped with the element.
Technical Specifications
●Materials of components
*Media:Pleated Depth Polypropylene(PP) 
*End Caps:PP 
*O-ring seal:EPDM, NBR
●Removal ratings 
0.5µm --120 µm
Outside diameter: 6 inch(152mm)
Length:16 inch(405mm)  for size 1 bag     31inch(785mm)  for size 2 


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