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Pleated Filter cartridges are manufactured to exact standards and are used in the most demanding industrial environments. Media has a fixed pore construction of high quality fibres.The combonation of surface and depth filtration provides a long lifetime. Due to use of the premium quality filter fabrics,the pleated filter cartridges have superior flow characteristics with very low pressure drop compared to depth media of similar micron rating.

•Large filter area and depth filtration provides a long lifetime of pleated filter cartridge.
•Low cost because of large filter area and reduces labor costs to change.

Filter Media: PP,PET, Glass Fiber
End Cap Material: PP , ABS
Center Core: PP, ABS
Netting: PE
Seal Material: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
End Cap Types:DOE, -226/Flat End
Outside Diameter:69mm
Inside Diameter:28mm
Removal Ratings:1μm,2μm,5μm,10μm,20μm,50μm

•Operating Pressure and temperature:
The pleated cartridge construction will withstand differential
Pressures up to 60psi(4bar) at ambient temperature.
The optimum changeout differential pressure is 35psi(2.5bar) up to 52℃.



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