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Lenticular Filter


Lenticular Filter cartridges are new type of filter cartridges with depth filter sheets. They are based on a fully new 
design incorporating the double separator concept.
●Backwashable, resulting in high total throughput 
●Easy and reliable handling 
●No filter sheet deformities after heat treatment
●No adverse effects to filter sheets  when in contact with hot sanitization or process filtration.
●Increased filtration security,separator design increases the total stability of the filter 
● Outside Diameter: 284mm
● Inside Diameter: 51mm
● Length:  273mm
Material Of Constructions: 
●Depth filter sheet: Cellulose fibers, Natural diatomaceous earths, 
Perlite, Resins, and etc
●Core/Separator: Polypropylene(PP)
●Double O-ring or flat gasket: Silicone, EPR, Viton
● Range of Removal Ratings: 0.1—90µm 
Typical ratings:C100:1—3µm, C150:2—5µm, C200:3—7µm


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